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10 Days of Showing Myself Love - An Unexpected Awakening

10 Days of Showing Myself Love - An Unexpected Outcome

By Carol Yaschuk 

It started out as a self adventure so that I would not be disappointed again with my Valentine Birthday in my 54th year.

After a lovely early morning bath one day, throwing away my bathroom scale the next, purchasing some collagen drops and stretching away the aches and pains of the fourth night, I just forgot I was looking for things to indulge myself with. My Saturday was split working for a few hours at Ce Soir and spending time with my family and friends and my dogs. It was an absolutely lovely day and I had a really interesting conversation with a client about a dream I had.

I learn so much from sharing and listening.

The dream was simple: In it, I was having a dream: I had never been out for coffee with either of my two sisters. I woke up crying and realized that I have never have been out for coffee with my “real life” sisters in my 54 years.

Probably like your family, mine is complex. My sisters are 14 and 16 years older than I am and they have lived in other provinces and states away from me for over 40 years. I believe we are a family who wants to be tied by bonds, but we never really had much of a chance.

Then Val (my client) comes along and like usual, the topic of conversation turns from bras to much more interesting topics and I told her about my “10 days of self love” experiment and then about my dream.

Val looked at me with tears swelling in her eyes and reached out her hand and told me in a very gentle tone, I should stop looking for worldly things to find the love I am looking for. She said I should listen to my heart because it spoke to me and perhaps, I ought to find a way to go have that cup of coffee with Gail (in Alberta) and Pat (in Idaho).

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. ~ Whoopi Goldberg

I learned last Saturday that my happiness comes from relationships and not from things. The experiment is far from failed. It may actually be one of the best exercises of my life. It is possible I am seeing the world a little differently because someone threw me a little torch. Val may never know how she affected me last Saturday. None of us know how much we affect each other. Don’t be afraid to make a new relationships. Don’t be afraid to share your words of wisdom. Don’t be afraid of being kind. You never know how much you might change someone’s life in a positive way forever and it always comes back exponentially.

There are really only 3 things we need to take care of to enact self love. We must take care of our body, our mind and our spirit. The challenge is to know which of the three needs the most attention and take care of it. 

Don't forget to throw little torches to those who need them.