Does it fit?

Does it fit?

We are often asked how do we know when a bra fits. As fitters we have an internal checklist we go down. Not just your size but also shape, the fabric, cut of the cup and so on. For the average woman that much information is over kill. As women we don't always care about the minutia of a fit so much as does it actually fit. Panache has put together a fantastic video going over the basics of a well fitting bra. Hopeful this helps all those in search of a comfortable bra while practicing physical isolation.

Panache Fit Guide

This video series is a great way to determine if your bra is the right fit for you. For how to determine your size please refer to the handy sizing guides we've provided for four of our best selling brands Elomi, Freya, Panache, and Anita. Just as we are each different, each brand has their own unique fit. For help finding what will work for you contact us.


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