Meet Our Brands!

Meet Our Brands!

Here at Ce Soir, we carry a few brands that we love. We strive to partner with companies that engage in ethical workplace practices.

Amoena is our go-to supplier for all things post-mastectomy. With 45 years of prosthetics experience and innovation, you can count on Amoena products helping you feel like yourself again.

Anita was one of the first brands we carried. Twin has been available in-store for nearly twenty years now. The brand has 130+ years of manufacturing experience behind its fit. They are committed to family and innovation.

Cake Maternity has made nursing bras fun. We love this Australian brand. Gone are the uncomfortable beige bras of yesterday, Cake brings a flirty quality to their nursing and maternity bras and tanks. They are also committed to nurturing not just the new mama but also our environment.

We love Elomi. Elomi’s Matilda is one of our best selling bras. They are committed to making women feel both feminine and strong.

Freya is the kid sister to Elomi. Their bras are fun, flirty and functional. Freya doesn’t sacrifice fit for fun. With the goal of fitting into every aspect of your life, Freya is the perfect brand for the active young woman.

Montelle is a homegrown Canadian Brand that we just love to stock. They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of fun styles and colours. With 25 years of experience to back up this brand, we feel comfortable recommending their bras to you, our client.

We’ve carried the Panache brand for nearly twenty years! We were one of the first stores in North America to stock Panache. Their sports bra is one of the best on the market for the curvy woman. Panache is committed to the highest standards of manufacturing to ensure that the bra you purchased is never your guilty secret.

Van de Velde is the parent of a couple of our beloved brands. Prima Donna and Marie Jo both come to us from Van de Velde. They are committed to providing the best product possible while also respecting the environment we all live in.

We feel proud to offer you these incredible brands, just as your should feel proud to wear them!

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