Sustainable Pantyhose - Propelling a Fashion Shift

Sustainable Pantyhose - Propelling a Fashion Shift

Pantyhose and tights as we know them are consumable.
That's why you can find them in your local grocery and drugstore. We buy them and we might get a few uses before they run or tear. But are pantyhose recyclable? Not exactly.
damaged pantihose in a pile
In the landfill, it will take 30 to 40 years before they are broken down. That's a bad deal for Mother Earth. But what can you do now that it's fall when pantyhose and tights are a necessity with cooler weather?
Introducing Sheertex, our newest Brand Partner.
This 2018 Women Led Canadian startup has developed patent pending technology to create fabric for hosiery that is unbreakable.  See Sheertex in the Globe and Mail! See Sheertex in Elle.
  Sheertex pantihose holding a conk shell   
Classic Sheer Tights
Imagine 2 pair of pantyhose that can literally last you a year replacing multiple dozens of regular hosiery. But it gets better! Canadian garment manufacturing took a beating in the last decade, competing with factories in undeveloped nations that don't have laws for fair pay or benefits and often have poor working conditions. Sheertex, recently took over the largest hosiery factory in Montreal and are now employing a staff of 200, many of whom worked there before and all of whom earn sustainable wages. 
Model is wearing Sheertex hosiery getting into a vehicle
Shaping Sheer Tights
Need more reasons to investigate these pantyhose and tights?
Keeping Canadians employed is good for Canada. Supporting a Canadian company to Export is good for Canada. Consuming less and purposefully choosing sustainable products that are less harmful to the environment is the only option to meet the UN Climate Change Goals (Fashion for Climate Change Action). 
Model wearing Sheertex hosiery is walking down the street
Semi-Opaque Tights
Need a way to repurpose those torn pantyhose?
  • using a frame made from a wire coat hanger, the stocking can make a good pond skimmer.
  • use to strain previously opened paint that has congealed.
  • cover your broom and find out what the broom missed!
  • they can be used as an emergency fan belt
  • use to tie up trees and bushes
  • tie down your trunk lid
  • stuff craft projects like pillows or toys
  • use to store wallpaper, gift wrap or posters
  • stretch over growing vegetables like squash to prevent insect damage
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Recycled Crafts has a mail in program for recycling nylon hosiery. For more information, contact them at


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