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It's All About The Details

THIS IS THE STORY BEHIND YOUR PRIMADONNA BRA… How come your PrimaDonna bra is perfect down to every last detail? That’s got everything to do with PrimaDonna’s 150 years of expertise in large-cup lingerie. By putting together each bra with the greatest of care – largely by hand – we ensure that your PrimaDonna bra fits perfectly. 45 PIECES, ASSEMBLED BY HAND If one piece of clothing needs to be perfect it’s your bra. And we’re not just talking about the fit. Every strip of fabric, every seam, must be right – even those that are tucked away from sight. With that in mind, assembly is largely done by hand. On average, a PrimaDonna bra is made up of around...

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By Charlotte Grainger Finding the ideal lingerie isn’t all about those ultra fancy sets for special occasions. It’s about the everyday too. There’s just no good reason that you need scrimp on your daily bras. These are your most trusty companions; with you no matter what happens. So, you need to ensure that they are just right. Here are some of the things you should consider:

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