Virginia 3D Spacer Bra - Ruby
Model wears Virginia 3D Spacer Bra in ruby red colour. Front view.
Seamstress holds a Virginia bra in ruby color in front the  sewing floor where it was manufactured.
A product shot of he Virginia 3D Spacer bra in ruby red color.


Virginia 3D Spacer Bra - Ruby

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Our #1 Virginia 3D Spacer bra by Corin will absolutely be your favorite!

You'll be surprised at how this red fades back under light colored tops and dresses! Smooth, soft cups make it comfortable and perfect for t-shirts and knits.  More pliable than thicker, padded bras, it provides encapsulating support without compression. The Perfect Bra gives you support and a smooth, rounded shape everyday.

Fitters Notes:

The bra cup fits small. Generally we increase one cup size compared to other brands. 

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Colors: Black, Skin, Ruby, Cookie Pink, Cappuccino

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