Only nickels and dimes...

Only nickels and dimes...

My husband rolled down the window one cold Saturday and yells at the guy with the sign. "Hey come here. I've only got nickels and dimes. Sorry." The fellow replys, "Thanks, anything helps. It's cold today and I'm hungry." I ask him if he goes to Oak Table during the week. Yes he says and smiles. "That's my family." Then he recognizes my husband. "Your the guy that brings food from Harvest! Yeah, this is the blue truck. I've helped you unload." 

Another day, I roll down my window and say to a man, I dont have cash for you but we just dropped off new underwear at Oaktable. The fellow gives me a thumbs up and says "I'm headed there for lunch now. It's going to be a good day." 

Random photo of lunch being served at Oak Table

Advent, (latin for "coming") is the time for preparing for Christmas. We invite you to create your own calendar and perhaps you would add some of the items listed below to provide someone in need, "the tools" for their own preparations. 

Our charity partner, Oak Table Inc. needs help to provide the items that their clients need everyday. Drop off donations to Ce Soir Lingerie any time of the year. Cash donations over $20 are eligible for tax receipt by Oak Table Inc.

Here is the link:

Canned tuna/chicken/ham
Canned fruit
Milk powder, sugar, coffee, tea
Pork and beans
Salad Dressing

Men’s Briefs and Boxers - M/L/XL
Men's Long Underwear - M/L/XL
Women’s Panties - S/M/L/XL
Women's Long Underwear 
Men's and Women's Socks
Men’s T-shirts - M/L/XL

Feminine Hygiene items 
Travel Size Soap
Travel Size Laundry Soap

Gently Used Items
Back Packs 
Water Bottles
Non-Prescription Sunglasses


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