Bra Fitting - Where to start?


Though we often share a lot of laughs throughout the bra fitting process, your comfort and your health are no laughing matter. Ce Soir Fit Specialists take their work quite seriously.

New clients have an expectation of what they want, but that does not always translate to what is best. Keep an open mind when talking with your fitter. She will listen to you and discuss with you all the best options. Sometimes opening your mind to new possibilities may even change your life.

A properly fitted bra can improve your posture, your comfort, your overall appearance and improve your self-esteem!

You won’t find measuring tapes at Ce Soir Lingerie though. Simply said, no two bra styles will fit exactly the same and so every bra would literally need to be measured (despite they may all say they are the same size). However, you can use a measuring tape to help you know where to start before shopping for a bra.

Here’s what to do...

First measure around your body underneath your bust where your breasts begin to leave your body. The tape should be parallel to the floor. Take your measurement in inches. This is you band size. If you measured an even number use that as a starting point for band size. If you measured an odd number then round to the nearest even number. Eg. 36.5 rounds to 36, 37.5 rounds to 38.

Next, while wearing the best fitting bra you own, measure around your back and the fullest part of your bust. Again the tape should be parallel to the floor and measuring over your bust. You need to calculate the difference between this measurement and your underbust measurement. The difference is you Cup size. For every inch in difference you will increase your cup size.

EG. If you measured 32 under your bust and 41 over your bust, the difference is 9 so your bra size can be estimated at 32G.

Remember, this size is only a place to start trying bras. Depending on the style, you may have to adjust the cup size or the band size (or both) up or down.

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