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By Lauren Hamilton 4 STRAPLESS BRA FIT ISSUES AND HOW TO FIX THEM February 15th, 2018   It goes without saying that we are eternally grateful for the strapless bra. Whether we’re sporting a top or a dress sans straps (or with complex ones), this handy little undergarment gives us the support we need without showing. Still, the strapless bra comes with a slew of challenges. And when it doesn’t fit well, it can cause a whole lot of inconveniences. The truth is, a strapless bra should make your life easier, not create more challenges to your personal style and comfort. Here are some of the most common fit issues when it comes to these bras, and furthermore, how to fix them....

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By Jenna Allen WHAT DOES SIZE INCLUSIVE MEAN? January 5th, 2018 These days, the word “inclusive” gets thrown around a lot, from workplace seminars to workouts to advertising. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “inclusive” means: “including all the services or items normally expected or required.” Which may initially sound like gibberish but works perfectly when talking about body positivity and being size inclusive. It can be difficult to love your body when the media is telling you that you shouldn’t. Magazine covers tell us to lose weight, drop dress sizes, and diet. And I’m sure most of us have experienced a clothes shopping nightmare where our size isn’t even recognized by the store (or the sizes are wacky and store...

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10 Days of Showing Myself Love - An Unexpected Awakening

It started out as a self adventure so that I would not be disappointed again with my Valentine Birthday in my 54th year.   After a lovely early morning bath one day, throwing away my bathroom scale the next, purchasing some collagen drops and stretching away the aches and pains of the fourth night, I just forgot I was looking for things to indulge myself with.

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