Best of Intima nomination and exciting shop updates!

Best of Intima nomination and exciting shop updates!


Congratulations to our amazing team! 

A special thank you to Ce Soir Lingerie's Managers, Jaimie and Malina, who just knocked their socks off this past year and who, alongside me, became Graduates of TAP (Trade Accelerator Program) through World Trade Centre this spring. 



When the shop was under lock down restrictions and finances were running out, these 2 women went above and beyond all expectations. They volunteered their time to help, working remotely through some months and then working without me after my MVA in December. They gave every ounce of energy they had left to the shop. Together with Karen, Danielle, Lara, Madeline, Hannah, Emily and Jade (Norwegian Elk Breed:), we were able to overcome all the obstacles and have begun to implement our newly written business plan for the future!
It will take about 2 years to fully implement our new plan as it is like making a puzzle, fitting one piece at a time. This is what we do ~ we solve problems and we are Dedicated to Fit!
Many thanks to all of our amazing and loyal clients. Without your encouragement and support, this business, most certainly, would only be a memory now.  I can't believe 20 years have passed. This shop has always been a place where relationships are built and it's such a privilege to get to know all of you and journey through life together.
I hope you enjoy the "new" Loyalty RewardLong ago we ran February, June and Boxing Day sale events on everything to reward our loyal clients. That model is now in the past. Also, from time to time during the past 4 years, Ce Soir Lingerie ran short promotions for discounted Gift Cards and you definitely proved how much you love these! But for those who missed the social media posts or the email announcements, you missed out. We want all of you, who show your appreciation to this shop, to be rewarded for your loyalty. 
The Gift Card subscription is only available to purchase at If you need assistance, one of our associates will be happy to help! Just give us a call at 204-253-8788.
Thank you for the last 20 Years!
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