Meet the fabric washes changing the laundry game!

Meet the fabric washes changing the laundry game!

Perhaps you’ve come into the shop and bought one of our fabulous bras (or you have yet to!) and now you want to keep it looking like new. The first step is to pick the fabric wash that works best for you and your needs! We carry two fantastic brands that will meet those needs. Both brands are proudly Canadian and we are thrilled to support them and their products!

Forever New is the first of our fabulous fabric washes, available in both powder and liquid, in a soft scent or scent free. Forever New is a plant based, eco-friendly fabric wash that we love for all of our clothes, not just the delicates! We always recommend it for hand washing your new bras and underwear, but it also works wonders in your washing machine. Forever New uses a citrus-based formula rather than detergent, that way your garments get a deep clean without fibres breaking down! This wash is our go-to for when we need to wash deodorant out of our garments, refresh light coloured bras that may have suffered clothing dye transfer, and keep our bras looking as new as they did the day we brought them home. We carry Forever New in a variety of sizes, from travel all the way up to a 3kg bag, so that you can choose what works best for you! Follow the link below to learn more about this awesome Canadian brand.

Our second fabric wash comes to us from Soak. Unlike Forever New, Soak is a no hassle, no rinse wash. It comes in a variety of fresh and fruity scents, including unscented for those who may be scent sensitive. One of the reasons why we love Soak - the scents are light, not overwhelming! Whether you’re washing underwear, masks or your favourite sweaters, you’ll never have to worry about smelling like a perfume factory. This is a nice bonus for those who are scent conscious but want to have their own clothes smelling nice without bothering anyone else. Soak is so gentle that you can wash baby clothes (even the family pet) with it! We also love Soak for its environmentally friendly formula. You can feel good knowing that it’s biodegradable, phosphate free and dye free! Soak is available in two sizes - the travel size will get you through about 18 washes, while the full size bottle will do about 75 washes (the number of washes is approximate and accurate if you follow the directions as written on the bottles). Follow the link below to learn more about Soak!

Beyond the fabric wash, both brands have a variety of wash aids as well! We carry several of these laundry accessories - such as bra wash bags, wash basins, wool dryer balls, fabric flatters (removes the wrinkles without an iron), and a cute Laundry Room Tin and measuring scoop that's perfect for storing your 3kg bag of fabric wash. Be sure to check out these fabulous brands and their game changing products on our online shop!

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