Breast Forms That Absorb and Store Your Body Heat

Breast Forms That Absorb and Store Your Body Heat

Breast Forms That Absorb and Store Your Body Heat

Amoena breast forms and symmetry shapers with Comfort+ technology

amoena breast forms after mastectomy and lumpecctomy with a cooling effect

Amoena breast forms and Balance enhancers offer shape, support and confidence, and many of them also have an added bonus with our patented Comfort+ technology. Amoena’s understanding of women’s unique needs after breast surgery inspired us to incorporate the patented temperature-equalizing material into our breast form portfolio. 

Comfort+ actually absorbs, stores and releases body heat to maintain a woman’s ideal body temperature – resulting in an unmatched level of comfort from a breast form. 

"I love the new Energy breast form with Comfort+! The difference in how it feels and wears has been incredible. I wore it when it was 100 degrees out and couldn’t believe that I wasn’t soaking wet and miserable! I was damp, but that was manageable. I can’t even fullexpress my gratitude and appreciation for your help in solving what has been a miserable problem every summer.” – Christine K.

 Amoena infused Comfort+ into its breast forms to help equalize the temperature –beating the heat between the chest wall and the form. You’ll find it in:

• Amoena Contact - adhesive breast form 

• Amoena Energy - heat absorbing breast form

• Amoena Natura - super soft silicone breast prosthesis for the most natural look 

• Amoena Balance - breast shapers 

Our customers deserve the very best. Amoena’s breast forms with Comfort+ are just that, featuring superior quality and the ultimate feeling of comfort.