Maternity to nursing - the stages of breast change

Maternity to nursing - the stages of breast change

Your body is changing from the moment of conception. Chances are, the very first sign of your pregnancy were swollen, sore breasts and noticing your bra doesn't fit so well. Congratulations! 

Change in breast size is not necessarily permanent. There are many factors that affect your breasts during maternity and nursing. One of the factors that often cause an increase in size is the hormone cortisol. That is our stress hormone. Remember that your needs have now instantly changed! The care you take of your own mind, body and spirit directly affects two or more of your family. 

Your body is now set to prepare for a new life and all the possibilities of the future. We hope you will embrace the uniqueness of your pregnancy and every possibility imaginable!

Ce Soir Lingerie will assist you throughout your journey. All of us experience weight and breast size change through our lifetimes. During maternity and nursing, the changes happen very rapidly.

In your first trimester, a bra made with stretch fabrics, usually a smooth microfibre over anything seamed (as seams may cause some irritation) is the best choice. We're seeing more choices available in this style as time goes on! 

During your second trimester, your breasts settle as other body changes take place. Generally during this stage you will notice your rib cage expand. Your bras may begin to feel too snug. In some cases you can get away with adding a bra extender to your present bra but note that this often sends your shoulder straps sliding off your shoulders. Don't let a bra be the source of misery during this time! If the extender doesn't work, it's time to find a new bra. We recommend and bra that has enough clasps to allow for any further expansion!

If you are looking for a bra to wear immediately after delivery, we usually recommend purchasing your new bra 2 weeks prior to delivery or as soon as you are comfortable to do so after delivery. When purchasing nursing and maternity bras prior to delivery, many women choose to leave some room in the cups for growth as you can expect your breasts to become more full when your milk comes in.

Remember, each pregnancy is different! No matter your needs, we are here to help every step of the way.

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