Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra in Rose front view.

How a cut and sew bra became our most popular style

What can I say about this fantastic bra? I started wearing cut and sew bras in the fall of 2016. At the time Elomi was the only brand that fit my body type but the bras were frankly boring. In January of 2017 we brought in a brand new Elomi style. Matilda was different from the previous styles in a few ways. It had stretch, it was cute and it was a plunge bra. For me a lower center wire was a huge plus. It took a little for the style to catch on but once women started to give it a chance we struggled to keep it in stock! We weren’t alone in that either. Elomi underestimated how well this bra would do and they also struggled to meet demand. That problem has since been addressed and supply is no longer an issue (thank goodness for that).

Matilda comes in a broad range of sizes. 32 - 46 and DD through K. Not all cups are available in all band sizes. 46 is only available in DD and 32 starts at GG. For us bustier girls, having a cute, comfortable bra option is fantastic. Matilda gives us one more style to try. 

Here are some of my reasons for choosing Matilda:

Elomi wires are a little different from the standard U shape. Instead of having a uniform arch, the wires tend to point more towards your back rather than your armpit. For people like me who are shorter in the torso this means the wires don’t poke me or leave me feeling like I’m being propped up by my bra. The same can be said for the plunge wire. It is high enough to provide full coverage but low enough that it doesn’t poke out of my shirts or poke me if I sit down wrong. The fact Matilda comes with a J-hook built into the straps to convert the bra to a racerback is just a bonus!

Another aspect of Matilda that really appealed to me was the overall construction of the bra and the way the seams supported my breasts. They are heavy and in either seamless bras or moulded bras I found the shape to be somewhat unappealing. Okay honestly - they made me look like I was entirely chest. With Matilda I look smaller and have great support from the three panel construction. The side panel pushes my breast towards the center while the two center panels provide gentle lift.

The embroidered dot detail along the stretch lace at the top of the cups add a subtle bit of fun without being overly frilly. The dot detail is a little different for each colourway. Cafe Au Lait has a row that is slightly lighter than the bra, Black features white and silver dots, Navy has neon pink, while my favourite colourway so far featured pastel rainbow dots on a dark grey bra. I love the playfulness of the Unicorn colourway and I hope Elomi plans to do something similar in the future! One of the upcoming colourways is called Kiss, which will feature red hearts on a black bra.

My only note to be aware of - Matilda's band has above average stretch. I wear either a 34 or 32 band depending on the brand - in Matilda I’m a 32 band but find that within hours of the first wear I need to tighten up the band. The upside to this is that Matilda is a lot more forgiving of weight fluctuations.

I encourage any woman who is looking for a comfortable bra to come in and give Matilda a try.

- Jaimie

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