Why the engineering of a bra matters

Why the engineering of a bra matters

What makes the Virginia 3D Spacer bra our best selling item?

It’s 2020 and statistics still show that most women in the world are wearing poor fitting bras. That is certainly our experience as fitters with new clients. In most cases we find this is a result of lacking knowledge on how different bras should fit and the best styles for your figure type and size. Your fitter eliminates the guesswork. However, there is one more factor and that is bra engineering. It is often talked about by better brands that believe value is in the beholder’s eyes and rests someplace between quality, price, ethical manufacturing and distribution.

Corin Lingerie of Poland was awarded funds from the European Union dedicated to a multi-stage, fully professional, scientific approach to developing what has become the Virginia 3D Spacer Bra


Research was conducted using specialized hardware and software, including medical research thermal imaging cameras which detect even the slightest changes in temperature. A represented group of women were engaged to test and improve the bra model with the intent to minimize compression in lymph nodes and breast tissue while wearing a bra as indicated in the images above.

Corin may well be the only bra manufacturer in the world to undertake these innovative activities for the sake of women’s health. They believe as we fitters do, that acting with social responsibility in mind we have a sense of true mission. Corin has a commitment to constructing underwear that serves the health of half of all humanity.

Corin continues to use the information and analysis in development of new styles and distributes worldwide. Scientists, doctors and experienced designers combined their knowledge resulting in what may be the perfect bra! Then it got dressed in beautiful fabrics and trim. The bra does not cause irritation, doesn’t pinch and does not compress. Virginia 3D Spacer bra will disappear from your day as you forget you are wearing it. That is a perfect bra. I invite you to try it. Money back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied. Click here to shop now.


The topic of influence caught the attention of the British Discovery Channel which devoted a special episode of Corin’s research on Ordinary Things, Extraordinary Inventions that was broadcast in over 200 countries.. 

Click here to watch video and learn about the research!

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