Beyond Bra with V-Shaped Back

Why you need to understand the 6 shapes of Bra Backs

There is more to bra fitting than just finding your size, and the bra back you choose can be important to the way your bra fits! Read on to find out which bra back is best for you.


Leotard or U-Shaped Back

A Leotard Back or U-Shaped Back forms a U shape. It has a wide band and deeper wings that provide more bust line support. This band drops from the wider wings down to the clasp forming the U shape that resembles a leotard. It is excellent for full busted women. The strap is variable. In a full cup bra, the strap will be centered - excellent for sloping shoulders, or in the case of a balcony bra, the straps will be closer to the arms and generally show more cleavage.
Pictured above: the Cari Spacer Bra by Panache Lingerie.

Square Back

Avero Bra with Square Back
A Square Back has a band and wings that cut straight across the back. The bra straps meet the bra band at a right angle. The square back is less expensive to construct and often you can find this bra at lower price points. Some figure types wear it quite successfully. The downfall to a square back is that it creates more visible lines underneath clothing. It is not the best choice for anyone with sloping shoulders.
Pictured above: the Avero Heart Shaped Bra by Marie Jo Lingerie.


Beyond Bra in Himalayan Salt
The V-Back Bra is very similar to the Leotard Back except the straps are acutely angled towards the bra closure and appear V shaped. This type of bra back is an excellent choice for anyone with sloping or narrow shoulders. V-Back Bras usually have more front centered straps and the wings are not necessarily as wide as a Leotard Back.
Pictured above: the Beyond Bra by Evelyn & Bobbie


Cari Bra in Racerback
Racer-Back bras are an excellent option whether you are looking for a solution for a difficult outfit or need more breast stability. When in a racerback position, the bra cups are tugged back under the arms and often provide additional lift. This is a super feature in sports bras and can give you extra cleavage for everyday bras.
Be cautious though. Not all bras are built the same way! Some straps are too short for long waisted women. Sometimes it is difficult to position J Hooks by yourself. When J hooks are totally reliant on the straps, they may never be in the right place. Unless you have someone to help you get into and out of your bra, look for hooks that are on the bra strap rings rather than on the straps themselves.
Pictured above: the Cari Balcony Spacer Bra by Panache Lingerie.

Strapless or Convertible/Multi-Way Back

Fantasie Aura strapless bra worn by model back view
Strapless/Convertible Multi-Way Bras have horizontal bands much like the square back. The best strapless bras have deep and firm wings. This offers extra support to keep breasts in place without the need for straps. The bra must be worn snugly enough to support the breast yet not so tight as to slip down while wearing it.
Strapless bras are now usually available with one or two sets of straps. There will be a self strap (same colour as bra) and sometimes a clear strap. Clear straps can be difficult to work with. Sometimes they stick on themselves while you are setting the length and sometimes they stretch out while wearing them. It is not fashionable at all to show a clear strap. If you think it might show, just wear the self strap because everyone already gets the point that you need a bra.
Pictured above: the Aura Strapless Bra from Fantasie Lingerie.
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